Gunsmith Cats OVA 1995 BDRip Remastered

gscHere we are with another gorgeous cell animated OVA from 90-s. Level of details, animation and direction is top notch no doubt. Tons of action, outstanding car chase scene, cool characters, lots of guns and more. Now in great remastered version.

Video is 1440×1080 resolution encoded by x265 in main 10bit profile with CRF=15. PP this time is chromatic abberation correction, light dehalo,  very light denoise/degrain, deband. Audio track is Japanese stereo FLAC in 48kHz 24bit. Chapters included.

Remastered Blu-ray source is good, with some problems – surprisingly low video bit-rate (which cause blocking, especially for chroma planes) and strong chromatic abberation with halos, which was removed.

Here some screenshot comparison with BD and degrained version. Amplified picture showing BD artifacts(hat)

Bonuses included. External English dub in 6ch DTS-HD MA, French dub in FLAC in 48kHz 24bit with french subs from Team246, English subs from BD in several variants – [ASS] OCR’ed retimed with some fixes,  [PGS] SDH subs, [PGS] SDH color subs, [PGS] SDH engdub subs, [PGS] Commentary from director Mori Takeshi and Satō Hiroki, [PGS] Commentary from creator Sonoda Ken’ichi, Arai Masahiro, and Kaza’ana Takanori, [PGS] English commentary from dub actors.

External Russian subs from [Сергей ‘Nomad’ Рыгин].


File-size friendly, degrained version.

Synopsis: Girls, guns and grenades! Meet Rally Vincent and Minnie May. By day, they work at the Chicago gun shop that they own. By night (or holidays or week-ends), they moonlight as a pair of bounty hunters called the Gunsmith Cats. Rally is an expert at firearms, being able to judge the condition of a gun at a glance, and an expert marksman. Minnie is younger and less disciplined; and has an obsession with explosives. Lots of explosives. Especially big ones. Together, they form an unbeatable team; much to the consternation of the local ATF bureau. Set in the city of Chicago, Rally and Minnie always seem to be in the midst of gunfights, car chases and general mayhem.

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