Iria Zeiram the Animation 1994 R2J DVDRip Remastered

iriazeiramRunning in the 90’s again 🙂 This time 1994 Sci-fi OVA mixed with aliens, cool gadgets, decent animation. Someone will find the story pretty fun and weird. Anyway check this out if you are familiar with old-school stuff. Video is 768×576 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=15.5. PP this time is upconvert, dehalo, VERY light denoise/degrain and deband. Audio tracks are Japanese stereo AC3 tracks in 48kHz 448kbps. English tracks are 2ch AC3 tracks in 48kHz 192kbps (from R1). Chapters included.

Remastered R2J DVD have good quality with IVTC flags (but only for ~99%). Automatic IVTC produce combed frames (check comparison) so I’ve used my MFC methods to get almost 100% pure original progressive output.

Here  screenshot comparison with OnDeed release.

English .ass subs I took from [OnDeed] release. External russian .srt subs are Retail another one by Rain. Subs are resynced and retimed in some cases.

Download it.

And as for native resolution lovers – check OnDeed release instead.

5 thoughts on “Iria Zeiram the Animation 1994 R2J DVDRip Remastered

  1. Hmm, seems that ITVC mismatch leading to that aliased frame in the comparison escaped my checking (last frame before scenechange). You probably could have given more screenshots into that comparison since this one should be an isolated incident 🙂

    I wonder if the R1 remaster is any better source than the R2J, IIRC it looked like the exact same mpeg2 encode.

    More importantly though:
    Did you per chance check if they fixed the audio delay? The japanese DVDs have quite asignificant audio lag IIRC and in some episodes it would change over the course of the video (it was quite a pain to evaluate and synchronize, there might still be notes for that in the subtitles for that unless I erased them for the cleanup).
    (Side note: these delay adjustments having been done probably mean our ass scripts don’t match the DVD video out of the box.)


    • I’ve only checked Discotek release, which have same video and audio stream as R2J. As for audio lag, I’ve tried to sync audio to visual effects like shooting and etc. and looks(sounds) ok for me through episodes. As far as audio is compressed we can shift only whole stream without losses.


  2. That’s what I did, but in some of the episodes (definitely ep1, not sure about the rest) I also cheated by manipulating timecodes (slowing down or speeding up some frames at the boundaries of the section). That can help in a pinch when you suddenly have a change of the delay mid-video.


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