Cyber City Oedo 808 1990 DVDRip Remastered

dvd_cybercityWait a minute, Oedo? Again? Well this time is gorgeous cell-animated old-school cyberpunk OVA f**k yeah! What a great experience, check this out right now. Video is 768×576 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=15.5. PP this time is upconvert, dehalo, very light denoise/degrain and deband. Audio tracks are R2J Japanese stereo AC3 tracks in 48kHz 448kbps (from AFR release). English tracks are 2ch AC3 tracks in 48kHz 448kbps (from AFR release). Commentary tracks for 1 and 2 episodes in MP3 192kbps (from AFR release). Chapters included.

Video encoded from remastered R5 DVD which have exactly the same quality as remastered R2J’s. DVD stream is lack of IVTC flags so I have to use my MFC methods to provide decent deinterlacing and frame restoring. This DVD allows manual processing of IVTC patterns which leads to pure progressive source restoration 23.976fps that plays smoothly on true cinema tv. As for very light denoise/degrain – it helps a lot with original DVD blocking artefacts (check comparison).

Here  screenshot comparison with AFR release.

English .ass subs I took from [AFR] release, they are external since not quite good. External russian .srt subs are Retail. Subs are resynced and retimed in some cases.

Download it.

And as for native resolution lovers – check AFR release instead.
Quick delay patch for episode 01 engdub (-5214ms for skilled ones). Sorry.


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