Hyouge Mono 2011 BDRip

hyougeTea for universe, tea for life. Do you know this show? No? Oh, come on! This show is absolutely unique and so good. Great characters, fun and sad moments, decent seiyuu play. It’s a must see masterpiece. Video is 1920×1080 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=16.5 (2pass 10000kbps for SP). PP this time is light aa, episode wise light denoise/degrain and deband . Audio track is Japanese stereo FLAC 48kHz 16bit. Chapters included.

So, the Blu-ray is interlaced at 29.97fps for unknown reason, since footage is pure progressive stuff. And because of bad mastering there is a few frames with corrupted chroma fields which was processed. Now they are unnoticeable.

Here some screenshot comparison with Koeisub encode. We have all time constant 23.976fps that plays smoothly on true cinema tv. Specials are pure 30fps video.

Bonuses included. English ass subs are re-synced subs from [Huzzah] (eps 1-14), [Doremi] (eps 15-39). No subs for Specials available.  External Russian subs from [Spiral] are also re-synced.

Download it.

720p version

And a little chapter fix for 1080p ep 15, not much needed, but still. Alternative link

6 thoughts on “Hyouge Mono 2011 BDRip

  1. Thanks for your release, but I have something that bothers me : when I open the english ass file, style says for example “hyouge mono dialogue”, but I think it shows Arial font since I don’t have a matching font.


  2. Many thanks for the work you have done so far.

    By the way, the link for the chapter fix does not work anymore. At the site of MediaFire, you can read that the file was blocked for violation. Please upload the fix elsewhere. Thank you.


  3. Hello mottoj!

    Since this show is an old one, do you think 1080p does look any better than 720p? WHat is the original resolution?

    Thanks for your work!


    • Hi! I think original res appears to be 720p, But on 1080p or 4K screen/monitor 1080p version will look better avoiding media player upscale. (Or you could go 720p with heavy madVR settings)


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