Ruin Explorers OVA 1995 R2J DVDRip

ruinexHyper magical fantasy! I miss so much this stuff nowadays. Great old-school ova series from 90-s, too bad it’s so short. Video is 768×576 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=16. PP this time is upconvert, light dehalo, light denoise/degrain and deband. Audio tracks is Japanese stereo AC3 tracks in 48kHz 448kbps, English dub stereo AC3 tracks in 48kHz 224kbps. Chapters included.

R2J DVDs shows good quality, sharp picture. Episodes have field reports on stream almost at all time, but with few interlaced sections. This is some work for my MFC methods 🙂  All footage was manually decimated to retain original animation sequences.

Here some screenshot comparison with [A-FanRips] release (which also looks pretty good).  We have all time constant 23.976fps that plays smoothly on true cinema tv.

DVD bonuses included. English subs I took from [A-FanRips] release.  External russian subs by [krbva].


6 thoughts on “Ruin Explorers OVA 1995 R2J DVDRip

  1. Can U do AIKa ZERO (2009) AVC 1080p …? currently its has golden status until Jan 7 2018 23:59:59 on ADC … thank you


    • It depends on your video player. For example MPC-HC or BE should auto-load audio tracks that matches video-file name in same folder. After that you just choose audio in audio track menu.


      • ok I use Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to convert the file from MKV to MP4 so it plays on my TV through a external USB hard drive. If I dont convert them to MP4 I have issues with subs not showing then. Do know of another program that might convert the file and load the dubbed file into it at the same time?


  2. @ Bryan L
    My encodes are made to watch them on a PC or Tablet with capability to decode 10-bit h264 stream. It is not supposed to be watched on TV with USB port, but on TV connected to PC through HDMI. If you want to watch it with USB drive you have to reconvert it with some Converter, but I don’t use them at all.


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