Koharu Biyori OVA R2J DVDRip

koharu Another ecchi? No way 🙂 This time with android spice, I like it. Maids is also here. Short and funny harem ova’s is what you need. Video is 1024×576 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=15. PP this time is upconvert, light dehalo, light denoise/degrain and deband. Audio track is stereo FLAC tracks in 48kHz 16bit. Chapters included.

R2J DVDs shows good quality, sharp picture with some little almost unnoticeable artefacts due to somewhat low DVD bitrate. Automatic ivtc show good results, but there are many problem places with combing (SC,mouth,residual), mismatching in fade-in and fade-outs. Episodes don’t have field reports on stream. This is some work for my MFC methods 🙂 I can say that almost every deinterlacing issues was eliminated successfully as well as some places with jittering (caused by decimate mismatching). Almost all footage was manually decimated to retain original animation sequences. Some unnecessary 29.970fps inserts was properly converted to 23.976fps.

Here some screenshot comparison with other release.  We have all time constant 23.976fps that plays smoothly on true cinema tv.

Some DVD bonuses included. English ASS subs  I took from [FuktLogik] release. SRT [Exiled-Destiny] subs also available.  External russian subs by Филяс&HIT&AlexMalkavian. Another external russian subs by MC.

Download it.

And here is a little bonus for you – series, encoded without upconvert. (I’m tired…)

6 thoughts on “Koharu Biyori OVA R2J DVDRip

    • I have a lot of stuff now waiting for encode. btw I don’t see complete R2J source for Regios. Sometimes quality of the source can move my queue.


  1. Hi, thank you for your work, you have done a great job. Can i ask you the difference between the standard and the nced ver? cant notice the difference if not the 3mb smaller.
    Thank you.


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