Hana yori Dango – TV 1996 R2J DVDRip

hydMaybe the most valuable release for this year. Here it is. Awesome and funny shoujo series. Great combination of romance, drama and comedy with funny characters and a bit interesting drawing style. Video is 768×576 resolution encoded by x264 in 10bit profile with CRF=17. PP this time is chromatic abberation correction, light film stabilization, upconvert, light dehalo, mild denoise/degrain and deband. Audio track is original stereo AC3 tracks in 48kHz 384kbps. Chapters included.

R2J DVD shows good picture quality but it’s very noisy. Also first half of series have lots of bad film cuts with big black lines on bottom of frames in scene changes. This frames was restored in static areas.

DVD stream have IVTC flags so we have pure progressive source 23.976fps that plays smoothly on true cinema tv. Well, exept rather unclean interlaced opening in 01-32 episodes but it was processed very well and looks pretty ok. “film stabilization”? It produce much more pleasurable visual experience by stabilizing shaken footage on static areas and in scene changes. Still it can produce some unnoticeable stabilizing issues, but I’ve checked all footage as much as I can.

Here  screenshot comparison with DVD

English .srt subs I took from [a4e] release and they are “meh but ok” – external for that reason (I hope you know how to use external subs 🙂  External russian .srt subs by Sayako.

Subs are fully retimed (as much as I can) because R2J version is way differ from R1 version. Preview in this version comes before ending.

Download it.

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